We are SPEAKmusic

SPEAKmusic is a collective of young performers and composers from Columbia University and the Juilliard School who believe that classical music enhances the way we see and experience life, and that learning more about it can open up our worlds in exciting and unexpected ways. 

Over the last year, we performed for students in the most at­-risk public school in New York, took part in a program for Chinese T.V. highlighting the importance of Classical Music, presented programs on WWFM and WKCR radio stations, and spoke and performed at the United Nations on the significance of early and continued musical education. We have performed with the renowned Daedalus Quartet at the 92nd Street Y, we premiered the works of a young Fulbright Scholar who brought to life the abandoned pianos of Chernobyl, collaborated with Temple University’s Amphibian audiovisual concert series, and performed with rarely seen 1920s silent films from the National Gallery at the New York Czech Center. Upcoming performances will see the SPEAKmusic ensemble in concerts from Chicago to Warsaw & Lodz, Poland, and back to the 92nd Street Y in New York, along with a January 2017 outreach trip to the Kenya Conservatoire.

Join us at concerts, on the radio, and through interactive video. Meet the musicians below and at our concerts, hear what they have to say about music, and see how sound and rhythm are a part of everything we do, every day.